Can sold bubble bath be piped

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Feb 5, 2015
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Looking for a new twist on solid bubble bath bars. I and wondering if they can be piped
I thought you were takling about about plumbing in your BB. I immediately began to think about how it would be done.
I agree that it is way too dry and crumbly. What were you trying to achieve? We might have some alternative suggestions that you could use instead.
I'm trying to make a topper for my cupcakes. I've already made soap for my topper for my cupcakes but looking at other ideas
But it doesn't get completely hard. And when I ship to Australia. I need it to arrive just like it left
My solid bubble bar recipe has a consistency that could be easily molded - though not piped. Maybe you could mold it into a topper and then use M&P to adhere it to your cupcake base???
That's a little tricky when it's a wholesale lot of 75 to 100. Trying to come up with different ideas other than soap to to pipe on my cupcakes. I know I'm trying to come up with an idea that may not be possible But trying to think outside the box lol
There are some solid bubble bath recipes that can be piped. I bought a recipe from Sandra Labossiere that I pipe ImageUploadedBySoap Making1447020252.006260.jpg

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