Can I gel goats milk soap?

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I know this has been asked and answered, but thought I'd chime in as well.
GM soaps are fine to be gelled (and even cpop or hp - to an extent) - once the GM is mixed with oils and is in the mold there is a rare chance of it scorching the gm, just a chance of it overheating and causing cracking and/or a volcano. Scorching usually only happens when mixing with the lye.
Most people try to avoid gel for the simple fact of not wanting partial gel, overheating/volcanos, and/or darker soaps. Otherwise there is no real reason to avoid gel a gm soap.
I usually always gel my GM soaps, but do try to soap a little cooler and use frozen GM in my lye to avoid over heating but other than that, I don't do anything different from a GM soap and a non GM soap.
Where were all of you when I needed you? For some reason I had it in my head that the milk can get scorched by gelling - but I realise now that it's in the lye solution it can get scorched. I make other milk soaps - coconut milk and oat milk and gel them no problem, but of course as I'm usually a vegan soaper I was concerned about the smell of GM if it got too hot.
Anyway, it's all done now and I know in future I can gel my GM soap.
@not_ally I used 'trail by fire' red mica in a low concentration.
I was concerned about the smell of GM if it got too hot.
It can smell pretty rank when mixing with the lye and even until about 1-2 weeks into the cure, but that smell usually will dissapate and the frangrance scent will come through.
I always use fresh from the goat, frozen GM for my GM soaps (my aunt and cousins own a goat/sheep farm so I can get all the fresh GM my little heart desires) :)