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Nov 19, 2007
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I'm going to order some supplies and I've never ordered or used butters. There is raw, refine, and ultra refine. What should I order for CP soap?

Any help would be appreciated.

if your going to buy shea butter go with the unrefined because the refined and ultra refined do NOT have the same skin healing qualities.
My two personal favorites are unrefined shea butter and mango butter.

Mango butter has many of the same skin healing properties as the shea butter but it's harder. It's not as hard as cocoa butter, but it's a nice hard butter, which makes it great for certain uses.
Sometimes to scent of unrefined Shea Butter is pretty hard to cover up, unless that's the scent ya want. Mango butter has pretty much no scent and is great!
I love natural Cocoa Butter. The smell is awesome. However - you might not want the cocoa smell in everything in which case deodorized would be better.

Cocoa Butter is great for hardening your soap even at small amounts and it has nice conditioning qualities.

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