Burned Hot Process soap?

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Nov 5, 2013
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Hey everyone,

I have a question. I do not live in the US, and where I live, crock pots are very expensive. I tried cooking hot process soap on the stove in a pot, put it in the mold everything fine... it was my first soap, so I thought it was. But as far as I see now, it got burned. It had dry parts in the mixture, which after curing, stayed, and now look something like normal hot process soap with the dry bits in it. They are dryer than the other parts. The soap is still use-able and is very great, great leather, bubbles and all, but those dry parts...

Was the soap burned?
How can I cook my soap without burning it if I don't have a crock pot?
I heard about the double boiler method, but not quite sure how does it work?
Any help appreciated.

Thank you so much.
Not burned but dried out. If you can't get a crockpot you need to make a bain marie by putting a smaller pot inside a larger one that has water in it. This will keep the heat distribution even and allow you to keep better control of the heat and the soap.
Honestly, I get some of those lighter-colored dry bits no matter what I try. Even if I put my colorant into the oils before cooking, they are lighter in color. But keeping a lid on the pot, using sodium lactate or sugar to keep the soap fluid, and misting the surface with water helps mine a lot.
burned hot process soap

I saw on Youtube a soaper use a lidded boiler in the oven put on 170degrees F. to cook their HP soap. I would give that a try. I recall he didn't stir his batch at all nor lift the lid . check out youtube. Oven process. goodluck.

Thank you everyone!

Lindy, I'll try the pan-in-pan with water thing, thank you so much!

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