Bought coconut / lime scent, not CP friendy...rebatch?

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May 28, 2015
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Since coconut and lime seems to vanish in CP, and I bought them before finding this out, could I just do a rebatch on some existing bars and mix the FO into that and not lose the smell? I hate to waste the money I spent and I don't use other bath products that I want to go through the trouble of making. I have some 100% coconut oil batches I could use, or I could start from scratch and make a different recipe specifically for this.

Considered seeing if it'd work for beeswax candle too, but since I bought it for soap I figure I'll ask in soap forum first :).

Soapbox (ha): FO's are /soapbox
You can, but it depends on how much fragrance you used in your original batch. Each fragrance has a maximum usage rate and it's best not to exceed it. If you find that your batch contained the max amount of your FO's usage rate, I would just grate up the soap and use as 'confetti' in another batch.

When you make future batches with this particular FO, I would make them via the HP method instead of CP, and then add the fragrance after the cook when the batter is zapless, so that the FO has a better chance of surviving. But that's just me.

IrishLass :)
Thank you for the reply! I wasn't clear, I found out about the weakness after I bought them but before I used them :). So the coconut batches I have are actually unscented.... :)

I'm thinking of grating up the two week old unscented coconut bars and trying out the "zap in microwave" method....then adding the FO before pouring into a mold... they were small batches so it'd probably be 5 or 6 bars worth.

I'm curious if a lard recipe might be better for holding the scents...
FYI in case anyone else sees this, the rebatch went ok in the microwave. Shredded with cheese grater, melted in pyrex cup in one minute bursts. I think it was 3-4 minutes each. Tedious because my cup and micro only hold enough for 2.5 bars. I have a bigger micro, but then the "how do I hold this hot thing?" becomes a factor. I did add a splash of water each batch. Added too much the last batch, those two bars are spongier than the others. Note to self, hold off on water.
Soaps look "rustic", I like the chunk effect (I only melted to a spoonable state). The FO seems ok, but they are very young. Will let ya'll know in a month if it holds!

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