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Apr 29, 2014
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Hello fellow soapers!

Is there a difference if i use my plant extracts or fruit juices as water replacement instead of adding it at trace? I am concerned that the therapeutic properties of these extracts will be gone once i use it in lieu of water.
the big question still remains, that is how much of these so called therapeutic properties can survive lye. i really see not much of a difference from the 2 methods you mentioned above. if you really want to make sure the good stuff is still there, perhaps do a rebatch/hand milled.
I just had the same problem. I made some jewel weed soap and was worried about the lye ruining the properties of the tea I made from it. I made some hand-milled/re-batched soap and had a mess of a time. It was the first time I had ever done it though and the book I was going off of said to add too much water. I guess the next question is, how powerful is your plant extract? If you only add a little bit of liquid to the re-batch then will the plant properties come through that way? Unfortunately I am not willing to rub poison ivy all over myself to test the two different soap methods stregth :wink:
you can also do hp, and add the extracts after the cook. i think it will be better than a rebatch/hand milled. i hate the consistency of rebatch/hand milled soaps. they sure not as pretty as those french milled one that use a machine to do it. with hp, it will be a bit rustic, but still better than what a rebatch would look (me thinks).

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