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  1. E

    Using Powdered Extracts in Lotions?

    Hi all, first time poster, long time lurker! Been getting into make body products during quarantine... unfortunately because said quarantine, certain ingredients I use are either hard to find or really expensive. Found a local place (voyageurs) that offers powdered extracts of all sorts...
  2. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Non-distillation aromatic oil extraction from fresh ylang ylang flowers with alcohol?

    Hi there, From what I gather, distillation is the most common extraction method for fresh ylang ylang flowers. Unfortunately, I do not have a distillation plant and would rather produce an oil-based product (for an emulsified facial oil cleanser or body oil). If possible, how can I use 96%...
  3. Persnickety

    Scents and essential oils that do and do not seize

    Does someone know of a grand chart of scent extracts and essential oils that tells whether they do or do not seize? Can everyone please tell me essential oils that do and do not seize, in your personal experience? Thank you
  4. S


    Hi there, I want to make a cp batch and add some chamomile extract. The soap calculators don't list extracts in the oils and butters list. Does that mean the extracts don't saponify and therefore don't get calculated? If so, how much extract would you recommend to add to 1 kg of oils? I read...
  5. SusanP

    Additives in Soap

    Since I have spare time on my hands and can’t soap yet, I decided to do some price and product comparison shopping. What and eye opener that was! I expected pricing to be fairly similar, but it was not. The huge factor to figure in is shipping, which for me is large some most suppliers are on...
  6. C

    best way to add plant extracts in cp soap

    Hello fellow soapers! Is there a difference if i use my plant extracts or fruit juices as water replacement instead of adding it at trace? I am concerned that the therapeutic properties of these extracts will be gone once i use it in lieu of water.