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Oct 1, 2014
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Pacific Northwest
I usually blend Bergamot EO with other scents, but I had a request for a straight Bergamot bar. What would you suggest as a usage rate? It looks like max IFRA usage is 5%, but I was thinking about backing that off just a smidge and going with 0.7 oz. PPO. Any thoughts on Bergamot as a solo scent?
I already checked with the supplier on the maximum usage rate (5% for soaps), but I was curious as to others' experience. For example, I'd rather not go full steam ahead with the full 5% if 3% is going to be an adequate scent strength. Since bergamot is citrus however, I will most likely use closer to the 5% rate to account for scent fading over time as most citrus scents do.

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