Beer vs. Ice cream

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Which will I choose?

  • An Amber Beer

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  • A bowl of Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream

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  • Both

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Dec 21, 2006
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I have had a hard day & am just trying to provide myself w/ some comic relief :roll: . Humor me please :wink:
Tabitha said:
Which one first :lol: ?

The bowl of Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream first, then drink the beer, might taste like chocolate beer. You could try a Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream and Amber beer float! :wink: :shock:
I don't imbibe, but I can't say no to icecream... Right now I have a hankerin for one of those good humor strawberry shortcake ice cream bars....
I LOVE those strawberry shortcake ice cream bars!

I imbibe, but I must say a 6 pack will last me a full month-LOL!
OK, I went w/ the beer last night, but missjules, I had walk down to the market thios afternoon to get a strawberryshortcake bar-LOL! Power of suggestion...
I love yuengling and ice cream...mmmmmmm

my favorite is Mint chocolate chip...if i get a pint of this, its guaranteed to be gone in under 10 girlfriend hides food from me...seriously. :lol: :lol:
Okay, what does it mean that I am totally down for the beer....Killians nonetheless......with olives. (Don't ask) :roll: k
Beer & Olives????? Ok, I won't ask. I, myself, prefer the cheap beer (Busch) mixed with Spicy Hot V8!! Ummm Ummmm GOOD!

(just for the record, I picked the icecream, hate dark beer)
Just so's you alls made me hungry for one of those strawberry shortcake I went to the local convienience store and to my surprise.....$2.19!!!!! Kitten Love????
I bought 1/2 gal. of vanilla for $4.50 and suffered through it! :roll:
do you remember the almond ones also??? oooghhh i could tear through a box of those like air :)

I love both the strawberry shotcake ones and the almond ones! :)