Been had by bad oil!!!!!

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Jan 3, 2008
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So I thought I found a deal on OOP, until I realized that it was so cheap because it was laced with soybean oil! Dang it!!! I already made soap with it! It was suggested to me to figure on a soap calc the difference between the two oils. Olive pomace has a SAP value of 0.135 and soy is 0.136. In the soap I made today (that I wasn't supposed to be making LOL) I used 6.05 oz of lye. If I had soaped all OOP or soy, I came up with a range of 6.012 and 6.041. So I think mathematically, this means that my soap should be "OK" but a bit more supperfatted that I had originally intended. What do you all think? I should also probably email the company and ask them if they will give me the percentages they use.
I think the soap will be ok, its so close in range, I dont its going to make a difference

Just like how Olive and Canola and relatively close....