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Nov 27, 2007
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These are the little "sacks" I made from coffee bean sacks:


Are they acceptable to use to put my soaps in to give and hopefully sell them in someday???

At this time I am making cp soap, do they need to be put in plastic or shrink wrap or will they be alright in these bags??
I think the bags are real cute if the rustic look suits your line/scents/image/etc.

They look like the little bags I sometimes put my men's soaps in.

I am afraid your soap will pick up fuzzies in them though if you do not cello them first.
I as well think they are great! If you go for that rustic homemade theme, they would add an awesome packaging. You could tie a rustic tag around the nap with your soap info!
I think they're really cute- a great way to package rustic soaps. I was trolling about Costplus the other day and I saw soap that had been sewn into luffa sacks- the idea being that you can use the whole sack, luffa and all, then hang it in the shower to dry. I think there's a luffa retailer out there who sells sheets of un-rolled luffa.
Loofa sheets..hmmmmmmmmmm :) That's a nifty idea too. Thanks for your feed back. Didn't think about fuzzies. You are right, may need to wrap in cello first. k
I love that look! I am going to put some in a muslin bag. Violet swears she can make me some. Havent seen them yet though :roll:

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