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Nov 6, 2010
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Wow! I just had a 24 hour turn around from an order I placed yesterday-it's out the door today. I love it when a company listens and steps up their game. I will admit it has taken a while to get there, but still, they did it and I must color myself impressed.
I agree! I like to have a supplier that carries most of what I need so I can save on shipping costs. There are a few things that WSP carries that BB does not, so I will probably place an order there occasionally, but will be looking to BB first.
BB is back to being one of my favorite suppliers (aside from powdery things that I feel the need to complain about every time I mention them - sorry).

I love their new labeling and website updates. Their shipping has been really fast lately too, and it even seemed less expensive.

I just tried out Honey Ale in a beer soap - LOVE it.
I just tried out Honey Ale in a beer soap - LOVE it.

I also put that in a beer soap several months back. I didn't love it at first but it has cured to a really great, mellow, sweet scent. Plus it has stuck well. Almost everyone who smells it loves it. I'll be ordering it again for sure.
I put Honey Ale in a beer soap too but didn't like it. I'm hoping I'll like it more as it cures.

Back to BB - yes they do listen to customers. I asked if it were possible could they include percentages next to their oil amounts in recipes on Soap Queen as it's easier then for those who use grams to convert the recipes. I just noticed that they have started doing that with new recipes they publish.

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