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Jan 6, 2015
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I just posted this video of one of my bath bombs and was hoping for some feedback.

This recipe has a little bit of cocoa butter and poly-80 and still floats. It fizzes for a decent enough time but I'm not sure if it fizzes enough.

I've made bath bombs that had a much more volatile reaction but fizzed out very quickly. I've made bath bombs with oils/butters but it seemed that the oils/butters suppressed the fizzing and made the bombs sink.

Also, I apologize in advance for the crappy video.
It fizzes fine. I do think you may want to switch to a lake colorant. I'm assuming you are using mica since it is not dissolving in the water. With the oil in your bombs this could lead to it combining with the oil and leaving an oily colored ring around the tub.

Other than that I think it looks fine, spins well if you want to add embeds and the fizzing is as expected. If you wanted more foam you could add SLSA but it is not necessary.

All in all, I'd call it a success.

Ah I see you used rose clay. I know many people use it to make their bombs harder but I can't say I'm a fan. That could be the colorant that doesn't dissolve. For me clay just makes the tub messy, but that is just my opinion.
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Thanks Dorymae! You are right, I was using the clay to make the bomb harder. I planned to use white kaolin clay for hardness and labomb colorants, but I had some rose clay on hand and wanted to experiment.

I'm glad that you think they fizz enough. I always second guess myself on that. I tried one recipe that used 7% oil/butter and it clunked to the bottom of the tub and you could hardly tell it was fizzing. I'm using a small amount of poly-80 to help the butter disperse. Would it be overkill to add some SLSA in future batches? I would love to have more foam.
I think the fizz was nice and liked that yours floated. Mine aren't floaters <snicker>, but my family wants a longer fizzing bomb so I pack mine really tightly - and they sink like rocks. I switched to using mango butter since neat cocoa butter makes me break out. I guess that makes me look younger, but...

I love the LaBomb colorants. They don't discolor anything and are easily added at the end without causing premature fizzing so I can see the finished color in my pot. When used at higher amounts, they color the water too.

I put in SLSA into mine to add some bubbles. If you haven't used SLSA before... it goes very airborne and makes most folks cough like crazy. I use a mask when carefully adding it to my dry ingredients and then hand mix it to weigh it down. The mask stays on until my liquids go in.
Thanks for the feedback Snappy! I think I will order some SLSA to try in the near future. And thanks for the tip about the mask, I will definitely do that!

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