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Jan 19, 2008
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Same soap, different angle:

Thank you so much! I hope I don't become a soap hoarder. I have batches that I've made specifically to take to my kids...from their requests, but the other batches I had been taking some to work and slicing off pieces to give to coworkers to test. Well, now I look at my soap and say, "Hmmm, do I want to give away some of this? Nah, I think I'll keep it for myself. Do I want to give away some of that? Nah, I don't want to cut it." I don't want to end up wanting to keep all of my soap. I'll never be able to use it all. I never in my lifetime would have thought that I would love soap so much. I never did before...until I started making it. You should see my bathroom. I think I've got 7-8 pieces in the soap dish and one in the shower...and I use it all. In the kitchen, same thing at the sink. I seem to love washing my hands so I can try a different piece each time. Anyone becoming this bad???
GREAT JOB!! I like them :) ...

very nice coloring and swirl! :)
Those are fabulous cici!!!! Great job. What scent?? k

ps - guilty here....I have more soap than I will ever use. Atleast 5 different bars per sink and the shower :shock: too embarassed to say how many. :roll:
Galleygirl, it's scented with Lily of the Valley. I'm thinking about buying more soap dishes so I can have them full of soaps. I keep telling myself it's because I'm "testing" them :wink: , but in actuality, I'm loving using them. I counted the ones in my bathroom and there are actually 10, not 7-8, like I one in the shower.

Okay everybody, fess up. How many soaps in your bathrooms and kitchens?
CiCi said:
Okay everybody, fess up. How many soaps in your bathrooms and kitchens?

Seriously...? :oops: At least 20 in the bathroom, with at least 3 at any 1 time in the shower, and a couple in each of our 3 bathrooms! I am soap obsessed! :oops: :lol:

Paul :wink:
yeahhhhh....lets see... I have at least 20 laying around..depending on my mood Ill use a different one :)
Looks delish!! Love it.

Made me think of raspberries and cool summer drinks.

1 soap on the kitchen sink, 1 soap on the bathroom sink, and 2 in the shower. I have a husband and 2 boys, I don't want to smell the same as them. LOL

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