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Oct 29, 2014
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Eagle Point, Oregon
Haven't made soap in months. Due to husband illness, we've moved; and after a month in the new house I'm still dealing with so many unpacked boxes because we moved to a house less than 1/2 the size we were in to make our life simpler and easier. It's taken this long to dig out my soaping things out of a garage that was stacked almost to the ceiling with furniture and boxes. So my two soaping carts are now in the house and even though I still need to do more gardening and unpacking before my hip replacement surgery in 11 days, I am going to make a batch of soap in the next couple of days.

My daughter who is coming from Germany to help us out for a couple of weeks after my surgery, wants more of my Nag Champa soap, so I went back to Soap Calc tonight, and revised the recipe a bit. I have a new wave mold that I'll use for this batch, and I will also add some cream and kaolin and maybe some colloidal oats to this as well.

I am so looking forward to making soap again!


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Welcome back! Hope your surgery goes well, and your recovery is fast!

Moving is a pain in the neck. You have my most sincere sympathy on that! I just moved also.

I'm hoping I can make that soap before the surgery. My Natures garden order just arrived this morning and I was hoping Wednesday would be the day but just got a call from our realtor that I have to be at the title company Wednesday late morning to sign the last papers for the sale of our old house, and have another appointment in the afternoon. This afternoon was a possibility after the meeting with the inspector about the central air we just had installed, and garden work with the handyman who was supposed to be here late morning and it's after noon and he's still not here, so I'll have to be working a few hours in the hot sun if and when he does show, and I'll probably be too tired to make soap after that. I am not too happy about that.
Time to think about lunch now and if George the handyman is a no show, I may just go ahead and make the soap; or at least weigh out my oils, make my lye water, etc.
Tuesday is out because of my pre surgery meeting with the surgeon and then on to the lab for the rest of my pre surgery blood work.
I so miss making soap and I'm on my last bar or Nag Champa soap and my daughter also wants more to take back to Germany in three weeks. She will just have to finish curing it when she gets home.


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