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Mar 26, 2013
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Orangevale, CA

Here in California (Sacramento) we've finished our two weeks of spring and gone straight into summer. I was inspired this weekend to make this SUMMER soap because it's hot and bright and the golden rays of sunshine are seeping into the earth and while it's hot on top, everything is still cold below. My citrus trees are budding so I scented this one with a light touch Lemon EO to indicate the citrus trees and all the lemonade we drink in the summer. I used infused Annato Seed olive oil for the bright yellow and added Aloe for the first "sunburn" of the year.

Love the sunshine! did you use aloe juice in place of water? or only a percentage?
That is a wonderful soap for your locale and it is absolutely beautiful! Well done!
Kazmi - Yes, I used Aloe Juice in place of the water.

Thanks All - I am absolutely in love with this yellow color...I'm seeing a lot of this in my future:D
Can I ask another question about the Aloe? Does it discolour when you add the lye to it? I'm really interested in this and would love to try it :)

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