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  1. Mitch

    Hello From California!

    Hi, my name is Mitch. My girlfriend Laura and I are in the San Francisco Bay area. We're eager to try making some soaps after one of her friends posted some beautiful soap pics on FB. We've been watching lots of videos, have purchased lye and some of the equipment we need. I'd like to make our...
  2. L

    Soap Supply Stores in Southern Cali?

    Hey all! I'll be on vacation in Sunny and wonderful Southern California in about a month's time! We'll be in San Diego, Santa Barbara, Solvang and Santa Monica.8-) I've got my reading material lined up (Scientific Soapmaking), and now to make the vacation a truly memorable one, I am...
  3. SudsyPM

    April 2013 Challenge - Locale

    Here in California (Sacramento) we've finished our two weeks of spring and gone straight into summer. I was inspired this weekend to make this SUMMER soap because it's hot and bright and the golden rays of sunshine are seeping into the earth and while it's hot on top, everything is still cold...