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Feb 20, 2023
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Alberta Canada
Looking to make an antifungal cold process soap .

Looking for best ingredients to add to recipe .

I know tea tree is a big one . Was wondering if any oil / butter are good to use .

Also wondering if there any extracts . BEST INGREDIENTS .

I know lye is a tricky because it can kill off properties .

I would be open to liquid soap . But would need to be a recipe . ( Have never made liquid soap before. )

Have fungal rash . Need gone asap .

Thanks soap fam !
This isn't soap, but you mentioned a fungal infection, as well as tea tree oil, so FWIW:

Over a decade ago, I got a fungal infection on my big toenail. I was pretty sure it came from a pedicure where the technician had over-trimmed my cuticles to the point of bleeding, and used a rough pumice stone on my toe nails, thereby opening everything up to infection. Needless to say, I never returned to that salon!

Anyway, it all cleared up quickly and completely by swabbing diluted tea tree oil on the infected toenail 2x daily. I had to apply it carefully with a Q-tip swab, due to unpleasant side effects from any tea tree oil on my skin. Fortunately, I had no side effects from applying it only to my toenail. I imagine that manuka and a few other EOs would work similarly well.
Sorry for resurrecting old thread. I would like to recommend sulfur. Sulfur is a great ingredient for antifungal soap. Other users mentioned tea tree oil and neem oil, both are also great. Maybe make a soap with combination of sulfur+ tea tree oil + neem? But beware of the smell.. as sulfur and neem seed oil stink.
I used sulfur soap and salve to treat toenail fungus and athlete's foot, and it worked.
Making sulfur soap is a bit tricky, I usually use store bought sulfur soap & salve.
You can learn about making sulfur soap in DeeAnna's blog