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Jul 1, 2014
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I heard some awesome things about this new company and decided to place a small order and try some products...I saw they took the money out of mypaypal and waited and waited...nothing came in the mail so I emailed them yesterday and they replied they had marked my order as shipped and so sorry and blah blah but if I order again they will upgrade some of my products..

I have my own business and I think this is poor business practice..they should've upgraded my original order..this is my FIRST experience with them and they screwed up....unless I can't live without the products I just ordered..I can't fathom ordering with them again...

Thoughts? Am I over reacting?

Truly disappointed :-(
Being a new company perhaps it was just an oversite and they are still working out the bugs. Just saying that stuff happens and they were sorry. I have my own business and can say I'm made mistakes along the way and alway apologize and make it right. Sorry you had a bad experience. They should have provided a tracking number and sent an email as well.
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I agree..things happen..I own my own business and I've had an issue where once or twice I had to send a shipment past the expected deadline..what I've done is offer the customer a partial refund when I shipped it and they were satisfied...I guess I kinda expected the same..I don't want to have to order again in the future for them to correct their mistake..I feel they should have corrected it now. They already shipped it per the email they sent me this morning..and they didn't provide a tracking number. :-(
I agree that they should have done something with your current order to make things right; either a partial refund, upgrading the shipping or adding something to the shipment. Why would you want to order from them again if the first order was a bad experience? If something went wrong with the sales from our eBay business, like an item being sent out late, we would usually do a partial refund of the purchase price or refund the shipping.
This is the reply I got quoted

"We shipped it yesterday. We are so so sorry for the delay. We have been inundated with orders. Your order was filed as being shipped, unfortunately and our records showed it hadn't been shipped. So we pulled the order and filled it yesterday. BIG error on our end. We are terribly sorry.

if you like what you receive and would like to order again we will upgrade some of the products you choose and ship to very quickly! "

I'll pm you the name of the company if you really want to know..I don't want to hurt their business...I get things happen..I just needed to vent and see if I was crazy or what. That is def not how I would run a business...I should've def gotten a tracking number in that reply email.
No, you are not over reacting. while i understand the supplier's condition, being a new company and all, it should not matter to the customer at all. new or not, you've chosen to open your door to the public by accepting orders. what if the customer is waiting for the supplies urgently?

i agreed with the others, they should at least give you a tracking number and an expedited shipment. and perhaps a couple of samples as a way of saying sorry.

a similar thing happened to me in the past. i was the seller, and i wasn't able to meet the deadline for an order of a few mp bases. i had to overnight the package to make sure the customer get it on time as promised. out of my own pocket that is. it's just the risk i have to take because i've made a promise.

i think there's a saying that a happy customer will tell 2-3 people, while an unhappy customer will tell 9-10 people, or something like that.
I got my order yesterday finally and they gave me two free samples of products..a little baggie of chamomile and some sparkling silver mica...not sure about the scents..I'll have to try them in my soap and see. :)

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