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Jul 25, 2007
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Any of you out there make salts/scrubs to go with your soaps? I'm working on this. I got some beautiful 16 oz oval PET jars. The problem...? Labels. I have no idea what size or type to put on these, (again, feel pretty stupid, but hey. It's worth the risk if I can get some answers.) What I'd like to do is just buy some inkjet labels and print them myself to keep costs down, (because I am both NEW and BROKE!)

Any ideas? I've visted tons of label places on the net, but none of them so far have been accomodating enough to say, "this label fits 16 oz oval PET jars!

Thanks! :?:
You have to measure the jars yourself. They will not out right tell you.. "Labels of this size will fit...."
I hate labels.. but its just something we have to do....

Tabitha, you are WAY more patient than I am. So far, I've spent more time dealing with the label/packaging than I have makign soaps. What a headache! Also, I want to actually make money on this deal. I don't want to spend all that time cutting out labels! (I'm already doing it for the cigar bands!)

Right now, I'm looking to find a cream-colored or ivory waterproof label that I can either a) print myself, or b) have printed at a reasonable cost. So far, nothing. Wish me luck!

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