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May 12, 2008
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So I have my logo and everything for all of my products, which is the following...

Problem is I really do not like them... If anyone has advice on how to make them appear less "homemade" and more professional I would greatly appreciate it so much...
I'm a graphic designer - I'll try to help you.

Looking at it - it's not bad at all, compared to what I expected to see.

I would change the font so something a little more round, or a simple script. That might "gel" better with the whispy graphics you have going there.

I would try stacking the word "Pampering" on top of "Scents". Move "Scents" over to the right a little bit so they're not directly on top of each other.

Maybe see what it looks like with the word "Pampering" slightly larger than the word "Scents".

I would get rid of the bars on top & bottom. They fight with your whispy swirls and constrain the layout too much....feels like being in jail.

Change the font on your phone number and address to something that's not like Times or Times New Roman. Don't use a script font here, the words are too small for script.

Hope that helps a bit.

Oh heck - if you have the original artwork, I would do it for you on a trade! Let me know if you're interested.
Ive got to remember to PM you when i need some advice about creating a logo!! :)

SB- They look nice, Id def take Brians advice, seems real sound :)

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