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Chalk Creek

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Nov 23, 2007
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Hi. I was taking some pics for my new website page and thought I'd share one. It's pile of goat milk soap.

Thanks, Paul. I've had my website for years, for my purebred cattle and now goats. This b&b things is a whole different ball game. I hope I can make it come out nice and work with the way I have it set up for livestock.
They look so nice. What is the one with the darker bits?
Hi Lucy. The speckled soap is "Apaloosa Pony" soap (aka, "I Hate Rebatching" soap). The very dark soap in the pic is a goat milk soap with oatmeal, lots of honey and cinnamon. When cured it is extremely dark. It smells great, just like fresh cookies. But I really don't care for the dark color. Just to see what would happen I shredded some and put it in a new batch of unscented gm soap. It came out very speckled and still has that nice honey oatmeal scent.

I know that technically isn't rebatching, but I just can't stand to rebatch any other way. It never comes out smooth for me. This came out very smooth.