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May 6, 2015
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I haven't shared pictures for awhile, so I thought I'd post a few new soaps.
First is the soap I made with oil infused with calendula I grew. The calendula didn't really give me any color to speak of. The colors are from sea buckthorn oil and annatto infused olive oil. This soap is scented with a blend of rosewood, lavender and patchouli essential oils.
8.2021 Calendula.jpg

Next is this year's version of Frosted Birch and Juniper (WSP). I have made this for the last couple of years to give to the guys at Christmas. I actually made two batches - one was a column pour and one was a faux funnel pour. Same colors were used in both batches - black, white, celadon green and a custom periwinkle-ish blend.
9.2021 Frosted Birch.jpg

Also for the guys, my first attempt at a woodgrain pour. I learned some things and will definitely do this again - it was fun! This is scented with a blend of Bramble Berry's Tobacco and Bay Leaf and cedarwood essential oil.
9.2021 Woodgrain.jpg

Another first is this beach themed soap made using soap scrapers from a set I was fortunate enough to win when Creamy Obsession sponsored a soap challenge. This technique has intimidated me for some reason (probably math related LOL), but it was not as difficult as I expected it to be. It is a time commitment though! Scented with a blend of Bramble Berry's Sea Salt (which I have decided I don't like) and Fragrance Buddy's Celestial Sea (which I love). I want to remake this and adjust my colors, but I'm pretty happy with my first attempt.
9.2021 Beach.jpg

And last, the lavender lover's soaps. This scent is a blend of Sweet Cakes Lavender Fields and Lavender Sage from Fragrance Buddy.
Lavender Sage.jpg
Oh, @dibbles , what have you done? I. Am Speechless. These photos need to be on a magazine cover or something. Every single one! That woodgrain - what??!! The seascape!! The lavender/teal!! That woodgrain!! That woodgrain is your "first attempt"? Right. ;) Got it. First attempt. ( :secret:And just to confirm, I am on your Christmas list, right? Because I'm a guy, and Christmas is coming, so just sayin'....)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that bevel action!
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Late to the party, and everyone else has already used up the superlatives. So, I'll go with emoticons:

Right??!! Didja see that woodgrain?!

You know you've made a good woodgrain pour when the soap looks more like wood than some wood does.

How do we know that you didn't just chop up some of your son's guitar and pose it as soap. 🤔
Right??!! Didja see that woodgrain?!

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