3rd batch with NEW TOG 1lb mold!!!

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Jan 10, 2008
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DeLand, FL
Aaaaaaaaaalright, Got this lovely 1lb TOG soap mold in the mail today!!!!! Thank you secret person!!!!! I also received one of Paul's wooden soap dishes as well as a goatsmilk-grapefruit-jasmine soap mmmmm goood :D (Thank you Paul!! :), just showered with it and it was AWESOME!!...I wanted to eat it it smells so nice!! just got to get my girl to try it now :D)

alright I decided to do another batch tonight with a helpful recipe suggestion from paul.

I used
32% CO
42% EVOO
14% Canola
12% Safflower

6% lye discount and 34% lye concentration....

1.5 Tsp cacoa powder
1tsp brown sugar

Poured into my new TOG 1lb mini mold!!! I am going to get a lot of use out of this thing...I love the construction and the fact that you can pull it apart to take the soap out after unmolding, now I dont have to use a liner! yay!! :D

Cant wait to unmold it tomorrow and see what it looks like!! Now I REALLY have to order more oils! :lol:

and I was going to add some orange sweet but I forgot because I was concentrating on trying the swirl technique...ooops! But the swirl looks like it came out just about how I wanted it to. (taking influence from those orange chocolates I used to eat...forget where you get them but they come in a wrapper that is shaped like an orange and they are orange-slice shaped chocolates!).

Tomorrow Ill do a batch with the EO in it..it will be nice to get a contrast between the two soaps!

Whatcha think!?!?!?!

Ian, it's beauteeful. I can't wait til you cut it. One thing that drives me nuts about my soaps is I can't wait to see the insides of them. Don't forget to post the insides. Want to see more of your soapies. Great job!
Thank you for the compliments!! :D

I cut it this morning, looks nice!! Got to work on my swirling a little bit more though lol...I will post picks when I get home from work as Ive got to leave right now!!

and glad I could make you smile!! Thats a goal of mine everyday to put smiles on peoples faces :D
it does look like dessert!!

can't wait to see the finished product!..hurry home from work..hehehee
Looks great, buddy. That recipe will be a great bar. I'm glad you enjoyed the soap I sent. Thanks to your secret admirer for buying you the mold.

Paul :wink:
Hellooooo!! Ok so I decided to stay home from work today, got some things I need to tend to and havent had the chance because I work during all of the business hours.

Here are pics of the cut soap!!! Came out nicely, already tried it on my hands in the sink and I like the feel of it :D Doesnt feel as drying as my other recipe's.

The swirl looks cool, I think Ive got to pour it at a little bit looser trace so it gets all the way to the bottom of the mold (or hold the pouring container higher so it falls further into it??)

Im going to do another batch today using orange sweet as the EO scent :D!! YAY!!

Thanks again to Paul (for the soap and dish!) and the secret person (for the awesome soap mold!!) whom Ive yet to figure out ! That was a very kind gesture from the both of you and I really do appreciate it! Made me soooooo happy!! (as Im sure you can tell! :lol:)

Im extatic :D! Im not going to have to use cardboard boxes anymore for molds!! So that is AWESOME to say the least :)!



I'm HAPPY for you Ian. Good Job!!!!
I'm still working on my swirls too.

:) thanks!!! Yes I think I definitely need to perfect this technique further but Im making progress little by little so thats a good thing :)

going to make another batch later today and see what happens with that :)
Good job Ian! Those look really nice. Oh, and shame on you for playing hooky from work :lol:

WOW Ian, yummy looking soap!!!

My first attempt at swirls looked like yours. You know what they say: practice, practice, practice....I haven't mastered it yet :(

Keep making soap!!!!
oh~~ so is that what happens~..once we start making soap..we can have the day off work to make it!!! cool..hehehee :lol:

your soap looks great to me!..thanks for posting more pics!..it realy helps a newbie like me to see what people are talking about.

Thanks for all your kind comments!!!

Yeeeees...you become the guy at work who plays hookie cause he/she's "sick"...little do they know muahahahahahaha :twisted:

I actually did go to the doc today though so it was semi-legit :) dont have health insurance so I was trying to look into medicaid but I disqualify by only 100 dollars income~!! AGHHH!!!! how annoying!!

Lilly, thats how Ive tried to learn as well, as well as picking the peoples brains about how they made the soaps they pictured etc...so much to learn from people here and most always theyre willing to help due to the passion we all share...its contagious!!!!
The insides look really nice. Did you name it, or did I over look it?

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