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Jul 25, 2007
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Ontario, Canada
I had a half ounce of cedarwood, and thought I'd use it alone to make 3 Buddhas. There was enough for one oval as well. I only have one Buddha mold (3 cavities) cuz with shipping, these cost a fortune!

but I really do not like the smell of cedarwood alone! It smells like, well, the outside of my house! (we live in a cedar-sided house).

They sure are cute little fat men though!


Anyone like cedarwood alone? or what would YOU mix it with? (I ordered another 16 ounces of cedarwood eo.)
i have never smelled cedarwood eo before.
I am just now starting to adventure off into EO's...

I love the way they came out!
I like the scent of ceder, it's very manly.....

but our neighbors house has ceder on it, and i'm not very fond of it. But that's just me.

But i like the scent

and those soap molds, remind me of my trip to Bangkok i never saw so many buddas in my life, it was pretty awesome. Love the coloring on the soaps as well !!!
The coloring is just the way that olive and rice bran, along with the cedarwood, come out without added color.
The coloring turned out awesome,

the reason why I commented on the coloring is because it reminds me of all the gold and bronze buddas that I saw on my holiday to Bangkok. So the coloring totally suits the mold perfectly.

*good job*
Yes, very nice! Unsure what to blend cedarwood with... hmmm....I have a friend who mellows it out with hints of vanilla and sandlawood...
Looks great Woodi! I have 8 ounces of cedarwood EO and I thought I'd do a Patch/Cedarwood blend, kinda Zen like scent. I don't know how a touch of vanilla would be with this. What ya all think? Patch/Cedarwood sound good?

Paul, my cedarwood smells very strong, resinous almost....nothing remotely 'sweet' in it. Patchouli is very very earthy. I think a touch of something 'light' would be an asset to a cedarwood patch blend, like lime or lavender. But vanilla is a base scent too, isn't it?

In blending, I seem to prefer a top note, middle note, base note, but not always. An all-bottom note blend can be interesting too.

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