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  1. S

    Curious Question!

    I’ve seen many soap makers state that a zap from soap cannot be mistaken, however I am wondering… are there varying degrees of zap? Most describe it as a 9volt battery, but I am wondering if let’s say I have a veeery slightly lye heavy soap if this would give me the same zap as a 9volt or a very...
  2. Kcryss

    Zap Testing and Voltmeter's

    I've been trying to figure out if I'm cooking my soap much longer than necessary. I always do the zap test, but have never actually experienced the feeling of an electrical charge. Instead, I get a weird metallic like taste ... can't really think of any other way to describe it. If I continue...
  3. incognitocat2

    Zappy crystal soap tops (but the rest is fine)

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to solve a soapy mystery, and any help/insight you could provide would be appreciated! (see photos attached for reference) Last night (~24 hrs ago at this point) I made two 5-lb loaves of soap using the same oil masterbatch. I used different fragrances and colorants...
  4. A

    My First Liquid Soap Success

    First I would like to thank all of the wonderful posts on the forum. Even before I became a member google searches would often lead me here and I made the plunge to join yesterday. This might get long winded but I'm a talkative person. Sorry... First, yesterday I had a problem regarding...
  5. pacmarrin

    What Went Wrong? Tongue Zap

    I just made a 5-lb CP batch: Olive Oil (20 oz), Coconut Oil (25 oz), Avocado Oil (8 oz), Castor Oil (5 oz.), Distilled water (18 oz.), 8.1 oz lye (5% superfat), and at the end, just before pouring it in the mold added 4 tablespoons of honey and a splash of anise essential oil. Anyway, the only...
  6. JessieD

    Botched First Batch?

    Walk with me down the path of my first soap making experience long, long ago…..last monday. <gig> Ok…I had done what I thought was a sufficient amount of research to step into the world of soap making instead of hovering around the edges looking in. There were a few things that I did right...