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  1. Todd Ziegler

    Homemade Vanilla color stabilizer (VCS) summary

    Here is the recipe for the homemade VCS which we are affectionately calling "Zigali's color stabilizer or ZCS for short" the acrynim will help distinguish between the homemade and those you buy through a retailer. The recipe of 3 oz metabisulfate and 3 oz thiosulfate in 10 oz water translates...
  2. EllieMae

    Vanilla Stabilizer Affecting Unmolding Time?

    I tried searching for this on the forum but came up short. Does anyone else find that vanilla stabilizer affects their unmolding time? This is my first time doing a lot of "Christmas" scents so this is the most I've used stabilizer at one given time. I'm noticing all my batches with the VS (in...
  3. B

    Confusion about vanilla color stabilizer in MP

    Hi! Brand new to soap making. Have been doing melt and pour for about 2 weeks now. I have a question about vanilla color stabilizer that I can't seem to find the answer to. I know how to properly use it and have had experience using it. My question is, in what colors should I use it? I make a...
  4. M

    Color Stabilizer in HP

    I once read in a thread here that color stabilizer worked better by adding it to the batch oils instead of the FO. Does anyone know if this also works for HP as well as CP? Just don't know if the cooking will affect it. Also, what ratio of stabilizer to FO would you use for 2.5% vanillin...
  5. McLasz

    Mica, FO & Vanilla Stabilizer Questions?

    Hi All- I'm new to this forum and to soap making, and like so many others I have watched a year of videos (at a rather obsessive rate), and read and taken notes on all of the books that people have recommended, and I think I am now ready to try my first batch. I have all of the things I need to...