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  1. S

    Soap Calculators & Super Fatting

    I always use SoapCalc. I have never tried any of the other calculators, because I imagined that they are really all about the same. Since I have used SoapCalc for so long, I have a good idea of how their figures translate into a soap's characteristics. I have a good, basic recipe I pretty...
  2. LisaM

    ???? Super-Fatting ????

    Hi Ladies, I also had a question about super-fatting. (For hot-process soap) When you do up a recipe and say you want to superfat at 8% you list in all your oils, and the recipe will calculate how much water and lye and all amounts you need. Now, in that recipe does the calculator just figure...
  3. LisaM

    Fairly new at making soap question

    Sorry, I am unclear about a couple of things. I have read quite a few books to learn the process of soap making but I am still in the dark about a couple of things. Hopefully someone on here could clear these questions I have, up for me. =) How long do you usually leave the soap in the crock...