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Mar 30, 2013
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I always use SoapCalc. I have never tried any of the other calculators, because I imagined that they are really all about the same. Since I have used SoapCalc for so long, I have a good idea of how their figures translate into a soap's characteristics.

I have a good, basic recipe I pretty much stick to. But, I have been thinking about pushing the envelope a little, and with that, there would be variations in my super fatting. SoapCalc's "Soap Bar Quality" figures do not take into account the super fatting. But, I am sure these characteristics vary depending on the level of free fat within the bar.

Do any of the other soap calculators take the level of super fatting into account when quantifying a bar's characteristics? I realize that would be a big undertaking to be able to make a soap calculator with that ability, but boy! wouldn't that really answer a lot of questions when you are feeling like getting "creative" with your fat percentages:)

I'd love to hear other's ideas on this.

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