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Aug 27, 2012
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Sorry, I am unclear about a couple of things. I have read quite a few books to learn the process of soap making but I am still in the dark about a couple of things. Hopefully someone on here could clear these questions I have, up for me. =)
How long do you usually leave the soap in the crock pot after the "vaseline stage" or is it at that point you can take it out and put it into the mold? I have done it both ways, even "cooking" it for an hour after that stage.

Also, about super-fatting, is that just adding an additional oil after it's time in the crock pot, or do you set aside some of one of the oils for that, or is it just the calculator will calculate less lye in the recipe so all oils won't saponify?

My soaps have been really soft, but a few of you suggested 96 CO instead of FCO, and lessen the amount of water. I am making hot process soap, so is it still good and ok to lessen the water too? Thanks so much in advance!! All advice is appreciated!
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When you are making HP I don't discount my water at all, plus I like to use Sodium Lactate to get a smoother pour. Once you have gotten to the vaseline stage you can pour. Since you are making HP saponification is basically done when you are finished cooking the soap. If you want you can do a small superfat then with one of your more expensive oils or butters at that point. I strongly recommend using coconut 76 or even 92 rather than FCO. I keep my FCO for my lotions, butters and creams.
Thank you for the websites, and thank you Lindy for the info.
After I get the 76 or 92 CO hopefully that will take care of the problem. I will have to look up the difference between the two. Is assuming the 76 might be better at making my soap harder? Thanks though, much appreciated!! :)
76 & 92 are the temperatures at what the coconut oil melt. I haven't noticed a difference in hardness for soap between the two.
Hi Lindy,
Thanks for your info. I was curious,... How do you know how much sodium lactate to use in a batch of soap? I usually make about a 2 1/2 lb batch at a time. Also at what point do you put it in?
Hi Lindy,
Sorry, is that 2% of the oils in the batch or ?? And at what point do you add it to the soap mixture? Thanks. =)

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