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  1. J

    Candle help.

    I am a new candle maker and I have a few questions.... First, do you use stearic acid in your soy candles? If you do or don't, what are thoughts on using stearic acid?Second, I've switched scents, waxes, and my measurements and my scent throw still isn't up to par. What could I be doing wrong...
  2. K

    Cure time for soy melts

    Is cure time really necessary? I've read soy needs two weeks and I'm impatient. I have three test scents I poured yesterday and the day before and they're not as strong as I'd like them to be and the hot throw is meh. I'm not sure if I should just toss what I've made and make new w/more scent...
  3. K

    Soy for clamshells

    Hi there - I'm new to this and am super confused about the best soy to use for clamhsells. I just ordered Golden 464 and have read mixed reviews, some swear by it and some just hate it. I know that it has to cure for two weeks. I made a test batch with Ecosoya CB Advanced and it seems OK, it's...
  4. C

    Cracks, Sinkholes & Tunneling

    Hi, I'm new to candlemaking. I've only been at it since May. I just switched from using tins to using mason jars. I use 464 wax and now that I'm using the jars I'm getting tunneling around the wick, sinkholes and cracks in the tops of my candles. I never had this problem with the tins. I had a...
  5. Grungedoll

    Help a new candle maker!

    Hello! As it says in the subject I am brand new at candle making but already so in love with it and soaking in all the knowledge I can (so any help would be very appreciated!) Ive read numerous times that to fix imperfections on the tops of your soy candles you can use left over wax from the pot...
  6. S

    Scents to add to Soy Wax?

    Hello, I'm new to making candles and wanted to make some as Christmas gifts to my family. I'm having some difficulty with the math. I want to make twenty-four 12oz candles in the basic quilted-design glass Jelly jars. (I'm always super ambitious about my crafts, haha) But on this forum I...
  7. B

    Oil Substitution... Help?

    I'm still fairly new to the soap-making process and am trying a new recipe. It calls for 6.5 oz. Soybean oil. Can I substitute this with 6.5 oz. Olive oil? Recipe is as follows: -2.1 oz cocoa butter (refined) -9.5 oz 76 degree melt coconut oil -4.4 oz refined sunflower oil -6.5 oz soybean oil...