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  1. D

    heavy duty hand cleaner ( hand soap)

    Can use Sodium carbonate ( washing soda) in heavy duty hand cleaner( industrial hand soap) ? thank you
  2. stephswan

    Soda Ash and when to plane?

    Yay! I finally unmolded my first two batches of soap (this is seriously so addicting!) and I'm pretty stoked about my second batch (cloud photos), but my first batch...something went wrong I think as i have LAYERS of soda ash. These were made in individual silicone moulds (I'm waiting a bit to...
  3. peachymoon

    Is this soda ash??

    Hi everybody! Yesterday I checked on some soaps I made over the weekend. I have been having this issue lately, with the tops of my soaps looking like this. I did try looking through older posts to see if I could find something similar to this, but I couldn't find anything. The tops of my soaps...
  4. Anstarx

    Frost like soda ash?

    I was testing my new FOs lately and found odd frost-looking white layer on top of the test batch. I'm not sure if it's soda ash? I tried to scrap with my nail but couldn't get it off. Now, I've used some of these FOs before I tested them (I know, bad idea.) and they behaved well. For example...
  5. V

    Soda Ash in CP

    Hey guys, I am now into the CP soap making, I have done a few batches with differen results. I have a lot of questions but let start with this: What do you you with soda ash? I read a lot of things about spraying with alcohol, put sone steam, etc. What worked better for you? Thank you
  6. ScentedExpressionsSupp

    Soda ash

    I have tested almost every temperature pour, from warm to room temperature to using ice. I've sprayed the tops of my soaps with 99% alcohol and I've not sprayed the tops. Is there a way to prevent soda ash? There has to be something out there that prevents it. A Ingredient I'm not using or...
  7. Nanooo48

    Help with soda ash?

    So I’ve done the spray with alcohol method.. And it’s just not working. Is there something else I can do to avoid soda ash? Please? It doesn’t happen on all soaps with similar or the same recipe. I just don’t get it :oops: Top photo is a goats milk soap, the bottom is not. Both have soda ash. I...
  8. Greenmeadow

    Using a steam iron to remove soda ash

    Just thought to share how I've removed the soda ash today on a lavender soap I've made it last weekend . Personally,I think this method is effective, only takes 1min or so , just using a steam iron with no hassle and no additional costs (to purchase a proper steamer) . I've put up pics before...
  9. T

    Soda Ash on surface of soap touching soap mold?

    Hi! Ive dealt with soda ash on top of my soaps before but I have started making heart soaps in a silicone mold and when i pop them a few days later there is soda ash along the sides and on the bottom. How is this possible/ And preventable more importantly?! Thanks
  10. CMars

    Stubborn ash won't go away

    I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but it seems i get ash on all my soaps - whether I spray with alcohol, water discount, put the soap in a heated oven, or not. What's going on? Could it be that I use extra virgin olive oil? Or am I just not discounting enough - I usually soap at 32%...
  11. clairissa

    Soda Ash Woes

    Hello Everyone, I am hoping someone can help with Soda Ash. After I mold my soap, I spray with 99% isopropyl alcohol and cover with plastic wrap and bundle in a towel to insulate. I also use distilled water in my recipes. After un-molding, my soaps look beautiful, they pass the zap test...
  12. M

    Soda Ash even after spraying with alcohol

    For month I made my goat milk soap with never a problem with ash. I was covering the top of the mold with saran wrap and letting it gel. No ash but dark soap so I stopped gelling and now I am getting soda ash even when I cover with saran. I switched to generously spritzing with 91% alcohol and...