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    Coconut Milk, Honey, Colloidal Oats Soap Never Traced!! Help!!

    Hello all, So, I am a newbie to the whole CP soap making. I have made 4 pretty great batches, so I tried to challenge myself by making a batch which involved coconut milk, honey, and layering. I did run into problems though. One layer never came to trace, and I ended up burning out the motor...
  2. B

    Hp in crock pot ??

    Hello everyone :wave: I'm new to soaping & this forum. So I have made Hp/crock-pot 2x and both times chose to use two different colors. The process seemed to go well but even though I know it can be gloppy when putting in mold when I un-molded the 2 layers of color separated on me.Does anyone...
  3. M

    CP Kosher Salt rebatch question

    Hi All, I am new member. Please excuse me if I am perhaps posting a question that someone else may have answered at some point already. I am new to forums as well as CP soaping. ( I didn't see a search options for a question) A little about me: I just started making CP Soaps about 2 months...