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  1. MKRainville

    Check out my very first bath bomb!

    Here is a link to my blog post that I wrote about my Shea Butter Citrus Bath Bomb.
  2. S

    first CP soap, medicinal smell?

    Hello, I'm a brand new to soap making. I completed my first batch a week ago, using a slight variation on Soap Queen's basic recipe using coconut, palm, olive oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. I ran it through the soap calculator and it seemed to come out really well. It has cured for a...
  3. bridgetmoon

    Bath Melt Problem!! lol

    Hi Everyone. Been ages since i been on here but i been working on bath melts lately and the problem is, they're made from: Shea Butter Coconut Oil Palm Oil Lavender Oil + Lavender Seeds and liquid dye. So I popped them in the fridge as per usual. Took them out, thought i'd leave them...