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  1. I

    Questions About Oils: smell, color, shelf life

    I’d like to start a practical discussion about what certain oils that are common to soapers (on this forum atleast), but not common to all kitchens, should smell or look like so we can judge the quality of things we’re using but aren’t familiar with. I hope this isn’t too vague a topic to start...
  2. K

    Too Much Silk Powder

    I think I added too much silk powder to my body butter. Now it's grainy to the touch when I apply it to my skin it melts and doesn't leave any residue. I am thinking about throwing it out. I have melted it down twice and even added more shea butter to it. if anyone can help that would be a...
  3. cmzaha

    Shea Facial Bars

    These are my high Shea Butter Facial bars and the only odd-size bars I make. The Butterfly soaps are in a new mold I purchased from Aliexpress. The Basket is one I decided to finish after a couple of years, that I found after going cleaning out some stuff. It really is not crooked it just looks...
  4. Mobjack Bay

    Yellow African Shea Butter Soap

    I made soap last night using yellow African Shea butter purchased on a whim at Walmart (link to product). At only 10% of the recipe, it produced a lovely pale yellow soap. Has anyone else used yellow Shea? I haven’t been able to turn up much about it on SMF. The container lists the...
  5. Nyknits

    I gotta keep my head on straight

    I find myself going from topic to It’s all so interesting and inspiring. I want to make all the soaps. But, I do know it’s all in good time. Today I’m trying a goat’s milk soap with honey. I may add some oats on top for interest. I don’t hve any fragrance oils, just EO. Maybe...
  6. lyschelw

    Little Sale for you. 5% off select bath and body

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to give this wonderful community a little something extra. 5% off on New products. Sale ends Tuesday April 30th 2019. Use code "NEWBATH2" at check out Enjoy incredible products! Most are organic! Some are Fair Trade. We are very excited to add these to our line at...
  7. cmzaha

    Shea Butter Soap

    I just tested a facial bar I made 10/15/2018 with 57% shea butter. I actually used it in the shower, since I do not use soap on my face, using a bath pouf and the lather was like using whipped cream. My gosh it was fantastic and does not need a bath pouf to lather up. Low on CO and PKO which I...
  8. Atihcnoc

    Shea Butter....can cause dry skin?

    Hi, it is possible that shea butter in CP soap, can make the skin feel very dry? For first time I make a soap that includes shea butter by 5%, I usually make the same recipe with a very good result without shea butter. But yesterday I try the soap from the recipe that includes shea butter and I...
  9. DeeAnna

    Lip Balm need advice !

    The stronger odor and dark color of the beeswax most likely means you are using wax that has been mostly harvested from brood comb (the comb that bees raise babies in). Wax from brood comb is not something you want to use in lip balm, in my opinion. If you want wax that smells better and is...
  10. KimT2au

    Cut my first batch of Guinness soap

    I cut my first batch of Guinness soap today. The soap cut well but I was having trouble with the bars crumbling and breaking at the bottom of the bar. It is amazing what you find at SMF when you use the search button. If found two possible solutions to this problem :D I have not beveled...
  11. shaz

    3 Oil/Butter Soap Recipes using CO PO SB

    Hello, has anyone got any recipes that use just CO PO & SB I've tried the following: 34/33/33 - too drying on the skin - 5% superfat and a 50% water discount was used 45/35/20 - again drying on the skin - 5% superfat - tested soap after 6 weeks cure I'm going to try the following but would...
  12. Greenmeadow

    A rose garden inspired soap

    Made this soap with my daughter,inspired by the bunch of roses she got for her 20th birthday ! Used coconut oil, Palm , olive , Shea butter and castor oil , fragranced with Vanilla sandalwood patchouli and and a hint of nectarine blossom . Multilayers poured and hanger swirled it in 8s and came...
  13. ForTheDogs

    Help! I have 3lbs of raw Shea butter!

    My wife bought 3lbs of raw Shea butter and gave it to me today as a surprise. Thing is, I have no clue what to do with it. I've been choo-chooing the M&P train for a short while, but not made my own base. I've not the first clue what to do with raw materials like this. Little help?
  14. F

    Who is your Shea Butter Source?

    I have received 55 lbs of gritty shea butter from the same supplier twice now. It is refined and feels quite nice if it weren't for the grittiness/graininess which is driving me up the wall! I use it mostly for whipped shea butters, and I've found when I temper it, it A)Ends up getting grainy...
  15. E

    Will Body Butters Stain?

    Hello all, I'm very new to soaping, but I'm already totally hooked. I decided to kill some time today by making a whipped shea body butter. It turned out pretty well, but now I'm wondering...will it stain? I used about 7 oz of shea butter, 2.5 oz coconut oil, and about 2 ml of essential...
  16. MatthewDM

    Raw vs. Refined shea butter

    Raw or refined shea butter, Which is better for CP soap making and why?
  17. B

    Why has my soap white stripes?

    Hi! :) I have been making some soap the last 6 months and it's an amazing hobby. I have signed up to join a marked in Bergen the 1 of june and since I first make the soap base, let it lie for 6 weeks and then melt it down again and add essential oils. I am so glad I found this forum...
  18. A

    Adding Shea Butter to Pure CO Soap

    Hi! I've made quite a few batches of pure coconut oil soap with a 20% superfat and I loved all of them! But if I wanted to increase the luxury factor by adding a bit of shea butter, how much shea butter would I add? I was thinking maybe 5% shea butter, but then how much do you think I'd have...
  19. Meltiongson

    Whipped soap recipe

    I want to try whipped soap. Will this recipe work? Olive oil - 400g Coconut oil - 200g Shea butter - 300g Cocoa butter - 100g Water as percent of oil weight - 38% Super fat - 5% Lye - 132.90g Water - 342g Just give me your suggestions and comment if this recipe will work and if...
  20. Meltiongson

    My Dream Soap Recipe

    Hey everyone. Im just a newbie in soap making world and I really need your help on formulating my very first soap recipe. It includes shea butter, cocoa butter, emu oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and goats milk. Please guys, can anyone help me? :sad: this is...