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    Fragrancing aftershave

    I made a fantastic shave soap and I'm wanting to make a matching aftershave. I have the base recipe worked out, but the fragrance is hanging me up. I'm not sure if I'm restricted to EO's. If so, I might be outta luck. I guess my question is can I use FO in alcohol based aftershave without risk...
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    scenting a shave soap

    I have made multiple 3lb batches of modified CP shave soap using approximately 1oz of FO, but the scents don't POP like other soaps. Any suggestions on making scents more pronounced?
  3. G

    Shave soap recipe drying my skin

    Hi All, I have been experimenting with shaving soaps. My original challenge was getting a stable, creamy lather. Thanks to people in this forum, I am well on track to getting this. However, I am having a new issue. After shaving with the soap, my skin is left extremely dry. I have read...
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    First Shave Soap in Mug and Altoid Tin

    I made shave soap for the first time to give as a gift this holiday season. I used songwind's recipe, substituting leather FO since the recipient likes the scent of leather and instead of crockpot I used the double boiler method. Here's what I learned: 1. KO is more reactive than Sodium...