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  1. Vaibhav Jain

    Real life experience v/s. Theories - Salt (Sea,Himalayan,Table etc.) in CP soaps

    Hello guys, myself Vaibhav (a 3 years old soap maker ;)) and i'm from India, "Namaste" Guys here at "SMF" some of us (members) are beginners, some are at intermediate level (like me) and some are at Pro level but one thing which I feel is common among us is hunger for knowledge. Therefore...
  2. H

    CP Salt Soap Q’s

    i made a batch of CP salt soap last week and I have a question. I used a 40% salt mixture. The bars are curing nicely (waiting on a soap planet after my attempts with a peeler went...poorly (lots of crooked cuts and even less straight edges). But here’s my question: my bars have developed a...
  3. C

    Crumbly salt soap....argghhh :-)

    I haven't been making soap long but I've been having such a good time with it. Today, as an after-work, relaxation activity, I decided to experiment with muted colour and my new essential oils, to make Lime and Ginger Salt Soap. Everything went really well until I took it out of the mold about...
  4. M

    How Much Coconut Milk Powder?

    I love to make a coconut oil/coconut milk salt soap, but I'd like to try POWDERED coconut milk. How much to use? I have searched and have found 1 Tbsp. ppo. But that's 32 Tbsp. for my 32 oz. of coconut oil, which, if my math is correct, works out to be 2 cups of coconut milk. That seems...
  5. M

    CP Kosher Salt rebatch question

    Hi All, I am new member. Please excuse me if I am perhaps posting a question that someone else may have answered at some point already. I am new to forums as well as CP soaping. ( I didn't see a search options for a question) A little about me: I just started making CP Soaps about 2 months...