Inconsistent results in same batch - different molds..

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Aug 5, 2014
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I made a batch where 7 different molds were made and I got different results on some of them. This is all color related as the consistency and other qualities are excelent in them. I did us Titanium Dioxide in the mix but that was in the entire mix and it was very well blended before pouring.

When I poured it was pretty thin as I used a round PVC mold with a dixie cup glued at the bottom and it actually leaked through the area's where there wasn't glue!!! By the third mold, it had thickened to where it wouldn't leak through though. I poured the 5 round PVC's, then a cardboard box mold then a dispolable Glad plasticware mold. After pouring all contents were placed in a styrefoam cooler and covered with 6 thick folded towels (24 layers) and the setting/curing process seemed to go well.

The cardboard mold is having the most problems. It was the largest by far. It is on the left in the top picture. The soap on the right is from the last pour of the batch (Gladware container). I thought it might have something to do with the first pours of the batch not being mixed, or the last pour not being mixed, but that doesn't seem be the case.

Here is what I'm looking at..



This is another issue I had on one of my first batches. It may have gotten a little moist while curing, I didn't know the top was on the containter. I'm wondering what could cause this (ingredients, Crisco, Canola, Olive Oil, FO's) and if I should worry about the rest of the soap in the batch even if they all look fine (this was the top end piece though..).