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  1. Mauve

    Types of cetearyl alcohol and preservatives in conditioner bar and their difference

    Hi! I'm planning to make my first conditioner bar with this recipe that i found here, and the ingredients im plan on using are: 30% btms 50 30% cetearyl alcohol 15% shea butter 15% castor oil 3,5% grapeseed/coconut/olive oil/shea butter (i'm not sure which one, it's for bleached hair) 1%...
  2. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Mold & yeast preservatives for hair shampoo syndet bars

    I am experimenting with making my own syndet hair shampoo bars and came across advice to use a 'preservative booster or co-preservative' along with PhenoxyEthanol (PhE) because PhE is weak at combatting mold and yeast. I feel particularly motivated to look into this because of my extremely high...
  3. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Dish Soap Paste

    I want to attempt dish soap paste that is kept in a bowl at the sink. This is my recipe. PKO, 100% Caustic Soda(s): NaOH @ 80% and; KOH @ 20% Lye concentration @ 35% Caustic soda discount @ 0%. (MIght consider something like -0.5%, if useful) Glycerine @ 5% SG @ 1% Since my location has a...
  4. Lankan

    Making a BHT solution

    I'm planning to use BHT as the antioxident in my liquid & bar soaps. Since the recommended % are very small 0.1%- 0.5%, I find it difficult to measure in small quantities. Hence trying to create a solution containing higher concentration of BHT so that I can use in required amounts. This is...
  5. Lankan

    Advise on adding BHT as a antioxident

    I've read thru the articles about BHT + EDTA working well on soaps, and bought both in small quntities. @DeeAnna 's article in her site gave me an idea on how to prepare a EDTA solution and add to the mix. However I was not able to find a way to prepare BHT solution. I tried adding it with...
  6. S

    Essential Oils w Flower Essences: preservatives yes or no?

    Hello everybody! I'm working on a roll on product that has essential oils diluted in a carrier oil. To this I'd like to add a few drops of a flower essence. So my question is: would I need to put a preservative in it, or is brandy contained in the essences enough for the whole formulation to be...
  7. U

    ROE and any other antioxidants in soap

    Hi everyone, Wanted to post this and learn what antioxidants others are using in soap (if any at all) and what your experience was like. Here goes: 1. ROE - fairly inexpensive PPO since you only need 0.05% by weight. Does not alter look/color/smell. 2. I have been using Grapefruit seed...
  8. KimT2au

    Food stuffs in soap and preservatives

    Hi all I have been watching videos and reading posts about people using things like pumpkin puree and sweet potato puree in their soap and how yummy it is. I understand that the purees have combined with the soap and the portion of the puree that is enclosed within the soap is starved of...
  9. A

    How do Dr Bronner's & Vermont Soap preserve their liquid castile soaps?

    Hi, I've been reading up quite a bit about the difference between antioxidants and preservatives, and why a good broad-spectrum preservative is necessary to prevent microbial activity in liquid castile soap. However, I see brands such as Dr. Bronner's and Vermon Soap (they have a 3 year shelf...
  10. MissE

    Questions about 1,3 Propanediol

    Hi everyone. I'm going to try to use 1,3 propanediol in my anhydrous body butter to adjust its viscosity but I have the following questions: 1. I understand this is not an oil, and in fact, it is water soluble, but would it work in my anhydrous body butter anyway? 2. If I am able to use it...
  11. BattleGnome

    Emulsifiers and Preservatives

    I am starting to look into learning about lotion making. The thing I know straight off is that I'll have issues figuring out which emulsifiers and preservatives will work for me (and ultimately how I'll be choosing one). Right now my question is what preservatives and emulsifiers do you use...
  12. D

    Body Butter Preservatives

    So i have been making small batches of butters for myself over the past few years. I usually would make them on a weekly basis, and would use them so quickly that I never really had time to see if they would go rancid. With the winter months here, and the fact that my life has gotten kind of...
  13. Lindy

    I Take It All Back!

    I take back what I said about preservative in liquid and cream soaps. I opened up a batch of cream soap that is just over a year old to make some scrubs and there was black mold :shock: From now on I will be adding preservative in both as I don't trust the liquid soap either now.
  14. F

    Please help me preserve this new product

    Ok, a bit of back story as this is a bit different. My face is v. sensitive to cleansers and the only thing I'm happy with is water and occasionally an oats wash, literally smearing my face with oats. As you can imagine, this is rather messy, so I started putting the oats in empty paper tea...