Advise on adding BHT as a antioxident

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Jul 16, 2018
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Sri Lanka
I've read thru the articles about BHT + EDTA working well on soaps, and bought both in small quntities. @DeeAnna 's article in her site gave me an idea on how to prepare a EDTA solution and add to the mix. However I was not able to find a way to prepare BHT solution. I tried adding it with distilled water, it doesn't seems to be water soluble at all. On a prior instance I added BHT directly to oils and later found it out in the soap like gelled pieces. Appreciate if someone can advise on the proper method to add BHT to the soap mix (oil or lye water or water).
Usually BHT and EDTA Sodium are used at about 0,1% in creams and ointments. You have to dissolve BHT in warm (about 40-50 degrees Celsius) OILS, EDTA Sodium in water.

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