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  1. homesteaders

    Interesting Study: Essential Oils & Extracts as Preservatives

    Here's an interesting study comparing Essential Oils, Extracts, and Methylparaben as preservatives. I'll post the link rather than the entire study. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/235988663_Essential_Oils_and_Herbal_Extracts_as_Antimicrobial_Agents_in_Cosmetic_Emulsion
  2. S

    Phenoxyethanol preservative in whipped soap?

    Can we use Phenoxyethanol as a preservative in whipped soap? Thank you
  3. M

    Preservative suggestions

    Hello, I am looking into adding preservatives into my liquid and bar soaps. From online research I have found names like Optiphen and Germabin etc. but it is difficult for me to access these brand names in Pakistan. Generic chemicals are easily available. Do you guys have any suggestion for...
  4. S

    How long does Optiphen Plus protect your product?

    Hi all, Nice to meet you virtually! I'm a relatively new soaper (coming back to soaping after a few year hiatus doing mostly HP now switching to CP) and a very new lotion maker. I've made a few batches, but haven't dove too deep into the world of preservatives. I'm eyeing some Optiphen Plus...
  5. D

    Neem as a preservative?

    Hi. I know that neem should work as a natural preservative, but what % do I need in ex. a body butter without water if it's just for the shelf life? Or in a basic face cream with distilled water or aloe vera gel? Anyone who know how to calculate neem as a preservative? I've a paw balm I made...
  6. E

    Issues with my body lotion recipe

    Hi all!! I need help with my body lotion recipe. The preservative that I am using is affecting the smell of my final product. I am using 1.5% of Optiphen Plus in my recipe. This is like my third batch of body lotion and it is happening that. Should I use Optiphen instead of Optiphen Plus? Am...
  7. I


    After many requests, I finally got round to writing an in-depth article on preservatives (incl "natural" & "Ecocert"). Hope you will find it informative:- www.makingskincare.com/preservatives/