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  1. Kitkathy07

    Help! Partial Gel - Goat’s Milk and Honey

    Hi all! I need your help, advice, tips, and/or tricks. I’ll take it all 😢. I made an oatmeal, goats milk and Honey soap that partial gelled on me. I applied powdered milk to water and 1/2 tsp of honey then froze. Added lye to the ice, soaped at 93 degrees oils and 95 degrees lye. Put in mold and...
  2. ilonaliss

    Ricing or partial gel?

    I tried to make a honeycomb soap the other day. It was all fine until I stick blended the fragrance in (honey FO from The Soap Kitchen)- the batter riced and since it was already quite thick I did not stick blend any further, poured it into the mold and hoped for the best. I was able to unmold...
  3. straub&wood

    Partial gel... every single batch :(

    I seem to never get either fully gelled batch or avoid gel altogether. So I followed someone’s advice in this forum yesterday and after pouring, put my batch in the garage for the night. It was around 30F I think. I cut it just now and it still partially gelled:( I did spend about 10 minutes...
  4. aictopus

    Weird partial gel???

    So I was cutting a loaf of soap today with a fragrance, mica and recipe I've used just fine and dandy prior. When I cut into the loaf it had this weird partial gel where the mica just sort of vanished. I have to say I didn't see this coming at all as I worked with a 35% lye concentration...
  5. Mestiza Girl

    First Batch! Questions

    Hope everyone is having a great day so far! I'm excited to say I have finished pouring in my first batch of Wild Rose soap! Pictures attached. Now the hardest part is playing the waiting game while it gels. :( One thing I did have a question about was the gel phase. I live in a fairly cool...
  6. Kerbear31

    Getting full gel is so darn frustrating!!

    Hello everyone. I’m still trying to get this gel process thing right. I’ve been having some problems. First of all, I live in the tropics, so that means my average temps are in the 80s. I have been having problems getting a full gel soap. I get a lot of partial gel, but never full gel...
  7. bizarrebunny

    partial gel in cut soap

    I just cut a slice of my first soap in half to make it a better size and discovered that it looks like it partially gelled. But I'm confused because the gelled part is running down the centre of the sliced soap. There was no sign of gel when I first cut the soap, 24hrs after I made it, so the...
  8. L

    Partial Gel Surprise

    Hi All, Here's hoping I can make more contributions to this great forum! I wanted to share a photo of a soap I made a few months back. It was made with: Cocoa butter, 5% Coconut oil, 20% Olive oil, 30% Sunflower oil, 45% I superfatted @ 5%, added no colorant, but did add Tahitian...
  9. E

    Newbie Questions

    Hello everyone! I can't thank you all enough for this wonderful website. I've been spending a crazy amount of time reading past threads and getting helpful info. I am a total newbie - I've made only two batches of cold process soap. Neither exploded, I didn't get chemical burns, and they...
  10. M

    Is this a partial gel??

    Hello, Last night I made a Lavender Chamomile Greek Yogurt CP Soap. I poured it into the mold at 9PM and put it into the freezer with a thin piece of cardboard covering it- to prevent gel. I left it in freezer for 12 hours. Then I moved it to the fridge for 6 hours. Then I left it on counter...
  11. DragonflyDreams

    Newbie Seeking Partial Gel Advice....

    Hi everyone! I’ve been reading this forum for a while, but this is the first post from this newbie (<15 batches) and I could really use some advice. My apologies for all the detail in this post, but I'm hoping it'll help with diagnosing :smile: …I’ve been successfully making 1 lb. batches...
  12. 1

    Can you CPOP a batch that's 24 hours old?

    I have a batch that didn't gel fully due to too much I'm wondering if anyone has CPOP'd a batch after it's been through a partial gel phase with success? How long did you leave it in the oven for?