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  1. G

    liquid soap with palm olein turns thick creamy white

    Hello everyone I've run out of castor oil so I made new recipe with olive oil 30% ,palm olein 40%,coconut oil 30% ,after diluting, the soap was semi clear ,after about a week or so the soap turned white creamy and thick. I love it ,the soap is fantastic but I need to know what happened to it...
  2. Savage Daughter

    QUESTION: No-stir palm oil / AKA palm shortening & melting it down

    I had a question for anyone who has worked with this specific substance before. It may be blindingly obvious to some, but..... I purchased a honking brick of this stuff, around 40 LBS, and spent yesterday evening cutting it into blocks & odd shaped chunks, stuffing it into a clean 5 gallon...
  3. C

    Liquid Palm Oil at Room Temperature

    Hi all! First time post here! I’ve made a few batches of CP soap and it was time to resupply, so I bought some ingredients from Brambleberry including two pounds of Palm Oil. When it arrived it was quite liquid, which didn’t concern me because I expected it to get to the 95 degree melting point...
  4. David Christopher


    im not sure how this thread gonna turn out but ... here it goes Ok using Crisco in my soap. I know it’s awful to take internal heath wise ( but it does make good fried chicken) 1) Is it vegan friendly (using the vegetable oil version) 2)It has palm oil in it .. anyone know if it’s the...
  5. Clarice

    Can Palm Oil be substituted for Palm Kernel Flakes?

    Would it be as simple as running the recipe through the SoapCalculator again? Will this drive significant changes in my soap? Thank you!
  6. Kelly Frizzell

    Vegetable Ghee, is it Palm Oil?

    I was trying to find Palm Oil as a lot of the beginner recipes I have found ask for it - after checking a few places, I read that Vegetable Ghee was Palm oil so I sent hubby to get some, but the ingredients say Soybean Oil and then Palm Oil), I cannot find it on a Soap Calculator (I have found...
  7. Iluminameluna

    Issues with a veg oil soap that's palm and soy.

    Hi, all, I'm wondering what I did wrong with the formulation of a veg oil soap (experimental) that's 70% palm oil & 30% soy. I added some coconut oil, olive and castor. No added salt, sugar or fragrance. My issues are 2. I just unmolded and cut it tonight and, though I know it's raw, the...
  8. rjlnokom

    Oils Found In Supermarket

    Hi there! I'm new to soap making and I was wondering can I use the coconut oil or palm oil I see in the supermarket aisles? Most of them are in the cooking oil section. Thanks!
  9. DianaMoon

    Spectrum Vegetable Shortening - How to Calculate

    Should I calculate it as regular palm oil, or as Crisco with palm oil? The two yield different results from Soap Calc.
  10. shaz

    3 Oil/Butter Soap Recipes using CO PO SB

    Hello, has anyone got any recipes that use just CO PO & SB I've tried the following: 34/33/33 - too drying on the skin - 5% superfat and a 50% water discount was used 45/35/20 - again drying on the skin - 5% superfat - tested soap after 6 weeks cure I'm going to try the following but would...
  11. J

    Palm and Palm Kernal Oil

    A few years ago, I started my cp soap making journey, was super enthusiastic bought books and books and mountains of supplies, because after all, I am going to have all kinds of time to devote to this hobby of course! My books all generally skip over the properties of coconut oil,Palm oil...
  12. Q

    Any soap maker from Pakistan?

    Hello all! I have been into soap making since one year. The major problem I am facing is the availability of ingredients particularly of Palm Oil. I would really appreciate if someone from Pakistan may suggest me any reliable source for soap making ingredients. Regards, Qasim Quaid.
  13. L

    How to use Palm Oil

    When I was first learning to make soap via the "soap queen" I was told to heat up my palm oil and give it a stir before mixing it with my other oils. Now that I am making more soap I am buying a big bucket of palm oil. How do I go about adding palm oil from the bucket to my recipe? Thank-you!
  14. N

    Double fractionated palm oil for cold process soap?

    Hi! I have made a few batches of soap using other oils than palm oil. Because of the boicot it is impossible to buy in Norway, and buying it abroad is too expensive because of the shipping costs. Last night I discovered online that there actually still is one kind of palm oil availalble, but...
  15. M

    Any tricks with using Palm Oil?

    Hi all, I have a new pot of palm oil sitting in my cupboard, taunting me and wanting to come out and play. I haven't used palm oil in any of my recipes yet and wanted to know from some more experienced soapers, if there were any tricks to adding it to recipes. Is it palm oil that has to...
  16. MindBodyGarden

    Palm Oil

    Hi Everyone I have been a follower of this forum for some time and just decided to jump in and sign up, so HELLO!! I've been soaping for about year (read up and about it for a year or so BEFORE that), and I just recently realized I may need some more help... I recently heard that I...
  17. MoonBath

    Palm Oil Substitute?

    There are some really great recipes out there I'd like to use, but I don't want to use palm oil. Is there an oil I can use to replace it in a recipe? I know I'll have to recalculate the lye, but as far as percentages go, what can I substitute for a similar bar?
  18. H

    High palm oil soap content

    Hi everyone, Has anyone had any experience with formulating a mild facial soap with a high percentage of palm oil. I would prefer to use something like 70% palm, 20% coconut and 10% fancy oils. I have access to an incredible amount of sustainable palm oil at warehouse prices and I would like...
  19. S

    sustainable palm oil

    It's very difficult to find palm oil suppliers that are certified by the RSPO. Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil. Dies anyone know what suppliers out there are certified? Preferrably companies that sell in smaller quantities.
  20. L

    Recipe help?

    Hi there! Does anyone mind helping me figure out a good recipe (approximate percentages are fine) for what I have on hand? I'd love to not have to go out and buy more oil, but I'm not opposed to picking up 16 oz of something from New Seasons if it will dramatically help my recipe. I have a soap...