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  1. J

    Oil percentage, is this good?

    35% olive pomace oil 35% coconut oil 15% sweet almond oil 10% avocado oil 5% jojoba I know I should try first but just wanna know if this has an automatic "Kitten Love" reaction for master soapers out here :) Comment would be highly appreaciated. I want a really really great bar so no worries on the...
  2. J

    Expired Olive Pomace Oil

    Hi everyone So my olive pomace oil wil expire on march, and due to some reasons, I will only probably be able to soap at the end of march or early april. Do you guys think I can still use it or it will have effects already? I cant say if the smell will be rancid already since basically its not...
  3. F

    One month old castile soap causes dry skin. Why???

    I have a castile soap batch made from 100% olive pomace oil and after one month it is quite hard already so I think it should be fine to be used. I gave one bar to my friend, she has really sensitive skin. She gave me good feedback of my soap after she used it for shower. However, when she tried...