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  1. A

    Hi, I need help with info on a fragrance oil from Oregon Soap Supply. It’s called “Vanilla Bourbon.”

    Hi. I didn’t know which forum to post this in. I have emailed the owner of the site several times with no response. I do not know it it is my email malfunctioning or a technical difficulty or what. I am trying to get the SDS document for that Vanilla Bourbon (Vaniglia del Madagascar). Do any of...
  2. Nicolesica

    Oh Lordy, I need help

    Since I’m new, I feel like I should start off with I do know how to make soap. My son had eczema when he was little, so my only option was to make his soap—he’d break out using anything else. But they weren’t fancy soaps, by any means. Purely utilitarian. But a couple years ago, I met the most...
  3. lenarenee

    HELP - My Soap Has an Oil Pool!

    Did anyone run that recipe through a calculator? If it’s not a safe recipe to start with, rebatching won’t help. (I’ll see if I have time tonight to do that)
  4. T

    Heating oils for gel phase

    I want to try gelling my next batch of soap, since I usually soap at room temperature at no higher than 85 degrees fahrenheit and I want to expand on my practice and technique. I have a stupid question - how would I go about heating my oils while making sure I don't alter their integrity? Would...
  5. lyschelw

    Natural Vitamin E on Sale - 20% off - 3 days only.

    1oz, 4oz or 16oz of non-GMO, natural Vitamin E 20% off Sale ends 9/4/20 at 11:30pm or until supplies run out. No rain checks will be given. Use Code at checkout - VitE20% Let me know if you have any questions :)
  6. C

    My go to fragrance oil companies

    Hey! I’ve been making soap for about 2 years and my 2 favorite fragrance oil companies are theincenseguy.com he has some great oils at reasonable prices and does deals when you buy multiples. The site is a little outdated but manageable. He’s based out of Pennsylvania and living in NYS I get my...
  7. C

    melt and pour shampoo bars, which oils to use?

    Hi! I'd like to make melt and pour shampoo bars but I'm having a hard time understanding which oils I can use. I have: coconut oil sweet almond oil avocado oil olive oil grapeseed oil jojoba oil I usually use clear glycerin soap base or aloe vera base. I would love any tips or suggestions for...
  8. AliciaE

    EO vs FO: Thoughts???

    Hey y’all! I just recently started soaping and I have been making A LOT lately while trying to get the lay of the land. My recipes in the soapcalc are calling for around 1-1.5 oz of fragrance give or take. That seems like a lot to me... I would really like to use essential oil to keep my soap...
  9. Hunnybees

    Oil for CP

    so yesterday i was buying my oils and i realized when i came home that instead of Olive oil I bought a mix of Olive and Sunflower!!! Could I still use that??
  10. B

    Bath bomb help (Oils)

    Hello everyone. I live in pa and was wondering for 601 gram of dry ingredient, how much oil and water should I use for my bath bomb?
  11. divona98

    Big Lots 20% off this weekend

    If you have a Big Lots near you, it’s 20% off this weekend Jan Sat 19th & Sun 20th, in store (or online) for ‘Friends & Family’ with your Rewards card. Those big jugs of pure coconut oil ! Reg $12 so now $9.60
  12. C

    Perfume containing alcohol

    I'm an absolute beginner. I've made my first batch with peppermint oil and as far as I can see everything is OK. I have large quantities of eau de toilette and I'd like to scent coming batches with some of the fragrances. I read a couple of threads on the forum and can see alcohol must be...
  13. L

    Any MP base without coconut oil?

    Hey guys! I want to start making soap with a melt and pour base but I've only seen ones that include coconut oil. CO usually doesn't agree with my skin and I end up smelling a little funky. Do any of your know of a base that is free of it while still containing only natural ingredients? Thanks!
  14. LLLC

    Perfect ratios for soap

    Hi all, I am new here and have a question. I have a list of the oils i would like to use for my soap. I am just unsure of the quantities of each oil I should use. Here is the list of ingredients: coconut oil castor oil sunflower oil almond oil rice bran oil yellow beeswax I'm...
  15. H

    Oil candle newbie needs help

    Hello. I am trying to make oil candles using porcelain wick holders with glass tube inserts. I have tried using the wicks that came with the holders as well as cotton string but the flame withers and goes out. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thank you in advance.
  16. Lizayle

    Best Oils/Butters to Start With

    I've made 5 different batches so far and I know I used the same main ingredients for the last 3 (the first one I know I did something wrong because it's wildly different. I had beeswax, olive oil (EV - which I now know makes things yellow), shea butter and coconut oil. My breakdown has been...
  17. M

    concentrate emulsion?

    I am trying to make an emulsion of infused oil and soap base concentrate to add as needed to water. My problem is that while my oil/soap emulsifies well with either xanthan gum or lecithin, once added to water it doesn't emulsify with that. it will mix if shaken vigorously but as soon as I...
  18. K

    Soap Slippery and Mica Particles??

    Hello, Ok - I am VERY new to all of this. I actually by experience am a card maker - but my paper crafting led me to party favors which led me to a request for soap for a baby shower. So I purchased melt and pour soap (Shea Butter) and some essential oil and some Mica for coloring. First...
  19. B

    Oil Substitution... Help?

    I'm still fairly new to the soap-making process and am trying a new recipe. It calls for 6.5 oz. Soybean oil. Can I substitute this with 6.5 oz. Olive oil? Recipe is as follows: -2.1 oz cocoa butter (refined) -9.5 oz 76 degree melt coconut oil -4.4 oz refined sunflower oil -6.5 oz soybean oil...
  20. AutismArtisan

    When Soap goes BAD...omg

    I have made recipe many times, I am still scratching my head? What went wrong? 1 Olive Oil 50.00 1.000 16.00 453.59 2 Coconut Oil, 76 deg 20.00 0.400 6.40 181.44 3 Almond Oil, sweet 12.00 0.240 3.84 108.86 4 Avocado Oil 10.00 0.200 3.20 90.72...