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  1. K

    Hello, totally new soaping student

    Hello! My name is Kat and I transition my crafty studies to encompass a new medium once every couple of years or so. I thought it would be good practice to a) learn how to become independent of the commercial premade soap supply chain, which is currently very stressed in America because everyone...
  2. Draugr Rekkr

    What is this and can I fix it by putting it back into the pot?

    I think I know what this is (glycerin rivers) but I'm a little confused because I only see stuff about it for CP soap. This is a HP shaving soap recipe that I'm working on at the moment it uses lanolin and Shea butter as side ingredients as well as 2 table of glycerin. Any suggestions?
  3. Draugr Rekkr

    From New Zealand and jumping in the deep end

    Hi all. I've started this little venture because I wanted to make myself some shaving soap and spending $60 NZD on something that will last me a long time that I might not like is a little... Uncomfortable for me. So I decided I'll make it myself. I haven't found any answers to the questions I...
  4. D

    First batch liquid soap, and already in deep trouble

    Hi guys, Well I've been reading for weeks and thought I was ready to make my first soap (never did solid) and now I'm 4 hours late for work and still cant get to trace. I really need your help !! Recipe: Sunflower oil: 3.8l (3,340.80g) KOH: 595g Water: 1,400g Blossom honey: 100g Crockpot on...