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  1. RedLance'sApoth

    Additives to create Opacity?

    Hello! I'm working with Essentials by Catalina's Artisanal Sulfate Free Glycerin Soap base. After a few experiments, I'm realizing that I would prefer the bars be more opaque. I'm wondering if the collective wisdom here has any ideas about what I could add to achieve this? I'd prefer to stay...
  2. S

    New to the Forum! Hello, questions on Clear M&P bases

    -Hey to anyone reading this and thanks. I recently started a journey to create a cosmetic product with my fiance. The product is a “soap brow”. -Im looking to make a hard soap that has a stickiness and sets dry when combined with a small amount of water. -the soap bases i have tried are...
  3. P

    Hello everybody and I am very glad to join this forum.

    Hi I am new to this forum, I have started making M&P soap recently, however not getting the desired results, can somebody help me with this?
  4. Something witty

    "Shot glass" molds are in the mail...

    And I got a fun idea for a soap... I already have a bunch of other mini drinks (soaps) planned. Your classic iced americano, blue slushy, maple frappuccino. I even bought some cute paper straws for them. So a nice Soju summer cocktail would fit the vibe nicely 😊 I'm excited to test this...
  5. Yellow Submarine - 2018March -DSCF6024.JPG

    Yellow Submarine - 2018March -DSCF6024.JPG

    Yellow Submarine soap made with granddaughter March 2018 for song-inspired soap. Melt & Pour adorned with soap dough embellishments
  6. HobbitonHarpy

    Is m&p harder to cut than cp or hp?

    I bought a soap cutting box and altered it to make it also a log splitter to trim the uneven tops of my m&p bars. I used the recommended 16 (gauge?) guitar string and everything, but it won't hardly cut. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. L

    Melt and Pour Vodka Soap Recipe

    Hello, I'm just getting in to making melt and pour soap. I've made a couple easy batches just adding some essential oils. I would like to start adding some liquor to a couple batches to do some more novelty type soaps. Was wanting to see if anyone had an idea of what kind of ratio to use and...
  8. Misschief

    It Worked!

    Yes!! I unmolded my second attempt at a dual soap (CP and M&P) bar. This time it worked! The next step will be to cut it and drizzle it with "honey" (clear M&P coloured with a bit of yellow/gold). Honeycomb by Misschief posted Feb 4, 2018 at 6:52 PM
  9. Misschief

    I have an idea

    First... mods, I'm not quite sure where to post this because it involves both cold process soap and m&p. If you think it should be moved, please, feel free. So... I want to combine cp soap with some m&p. (I've never worked with m&p) Basically the m&p will be a layer on the top (or bottom, as...
  10. R

    Gold Glitter

    Can anyone who has used glitter from Nurture in their soaps tell me if the glitter will stick to you or wash cleanly down the drain? I plan to just add some to the tops of my soaps, but I don't want them to be annoying and leaving glitter everywhere. Any reply appreciated! :)
  11. ForTheDogs

    Aluminum molds - ok for M&P?

    Just browsing lazily through the aisles, as one does, I happened across the tin/aluminum loaf loaf shaped pie tin things. My mind starts whirring. Can these be used as molds for M&P? Has anyone ever used them before? If so, how did it work out? I just figured the wrinkles and contours...
  12. ForTheDogs

    Soap making "Addiction" - is it a thing?

    Yes, I have a cute little Etsy page. Yes, I've sold an extremely modest amount of soaps. BUT... I find I make way more than I sell. Is there such a thing as addiction to making soaps? I feel very happy when melting, pouring, design new loaves, cupcakes, whatever. I find making soap to...
  13. JuneP

    If at first you don't succeed

    Well, after several disappointing tries, I finally got the melt and pour to keep from setting too fast. The problem was that I let it cool too much Lesson learned! Here's a picture of my first effort at soap making. The color of the bar and one of the shell soaps isn't showing true. They're...
  14. goji_fries

    DOS on M&P only two weeks old?

    I think this is the first time I've seen DOS. On two week old bars though? Your thoughts...:Kitten Love:
  15. E

    How do I get a natural vanilla scent in M&P?

    So I've been researching this lately and while a natural vanilla scent doesn't seem to be easy to achieve in HP or CP, I can't find any information for M&P. I'd assume it works better for M&P since there is no reaction with lye to worry about. Has anyone had any success in using Vanilla...
  16. Crombie

    Valentine Soaps

    MP Valentine Soaps were my fourth project. I uploaded them in the Photos section. I would love some feedback!
  17. H

    My 1st MP, Celtic Mold/Oatmeal, Honey Almond scented soap

    I finally got to do my first Melt and Pour project. I used ground up oatmeal along with Honey Almond fragrance oil and a goats milk base. The Honey Almond scent is from Hobby Lobby as well. It smells SO good! The celtic mold is from a kit I got for Christmas. Exfoliating soap kit at Hobby Lobby...
  18. H

    What temp melts a plastic mold?

    I guess I have to find a temp gadget because the melt and pour soap melted all 4 of the molds. What temp should it be so it doesn't melt anything else? Thanks for your help! Heather