lye issues


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  1. slspencer

    Glycerin rivers or lye heavy?

    It seems like this year sucks in general even for my soap making. I keep having new problems pop up, I've never seen this before in my soaps and I'm just making sure that it's not a lie issue. After cutting it there were some scraps and I then ph tested it and it seems fine, but what about the...
  2. Zing

    container for lye?

    What container do people use when measuring lye? I use a glass container but a good portion of the lye sticks to the glass. I'd appreciate your advice. Thanks!
  3. Kiajera

    Lye Crystal's in Hot process soap

    Hi guys! I'm new here, but I have been making soap for roughly 6 years and I have encountered crystals of lye in my hot processed soap, which I also put in the oven to make a compound hp/ cpop soap with an embed. I have pics here for you to see. I'm going to re-batch it with a little more...
  4. MatthewDM

    Oil/lye mixture temperature

    Why is it important that before you mix the lye/liquid mixture with the oils that they be within 10 degrees of each other?
  5. N

    Bad Lye?

    my last batch of soap took ages to trace(it was castille and eventually did) so before this batch i had a good look at my tools and lye...I have read that Lye gets clumps in it and is then gone bad due to moisture. My container has remained sealed but i fear the distributor uses bad packaging...