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  1. C

    Recipe lotion bars turn out hard, please help.

    Please review the below recipe and let me know how I can make them softer when applying. After holding in hands for a few seconds it still does not soften by much. What would you do differently to the recipe below? Or what other recipes would you use? I'm needing to make 60 for a bridal shower...
  2. K

    Non-Greasy lotion bars

    Hi y’all! I have a pickle; I’ve received an order to be sent to Portugal. The order includes lotion bars and sugar scrub, both made with coconut oil that has a melting point of 76F, if I remember right. How on earth will I keep that from melting in transit to Portugal?? I tried to make lotion...
  3. Zing

    for a fundraiser

    These are for my church's auction coming up. I've posted some pics of these before but the soaps are rosemary, lavender, orange, and bergamot. The lotion bars are scented with plumeria FO I got while in Hawaii on vacation.
  4. Zing

    "Climb On" hard salve recipe?

    I just learned I've been "necroposting" so I'll start a new thread here. I want to replicate the brand Climb On hard hand salve that rock climbers use. My sons climb and swear by this product and I want to make it for Christmas gifts. I am curious if anyone has tried this recipe? The...
  5. Carolyne Thrasher

    Lotion bars

    I’ve had a big hunk of beeswax for a few months now. Don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered it. Anyway thought I would try some lotion bars for my heels and elbows. But the cleanup Ha ha. I hate cleaning up. Guess you don’t know until you try something. And now my kitchen smells like...
  6. inkyfingers

    The dog ate my lotion bar...

    Yes, the title says it all. I'm a new soap maker, and my projects are very hit and miss. Last week, I made some lotion bars, and for the first time, I felt I made something really good full of good stuff, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, etc... mostly organic. I put one on the...
  7. Zelda Rose

    Lotion Bars Melted? Sale in 2 days!

    I made lotion bars and everything went well. Let them sit overnight in the fridge. Used one this morning and it was great! Put it in a small zip lock bag and 2 hours later it's mush!! Used 1/2 cup each of coconut oil, bees wax and home made cacao butter from cacao beans and 1 tsp Moringa oil...