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  1. Anstarx

    Ginger Lemon Beer Soap

    I made this batch just over the weekend and cut them today. My original plan was to make a lemon-yellow base with a very white top and poppy seed on top. However, I was't able to achieve the lemon yellow I wanted. For the base, I used a gold mica that turned out to be too warm. I have a bunch...
  2. D

    Can i use lemon essential as perfume?

    Hi!! Very new user here! I have always been sooooo in love with scent of lemons and I am never satisfied with the "lemon scented" perfumes on the market. I was wondering if I can use lemon essential oil? I was thinking about mixing it with some of my amazing shea butter and applying that where...
  3. R

    Soap to Rid Chlorine Smell from Swimmer

    A friend asked if I could figure out a way to make a bar of cold process soap that would remove the smell of chlorine. After swimming, he uses a shower gel made for this purpose, but wanted to know if it could be done in a bar. So, after looking around, it seems that citric acid or vinegar...
  4. W

    CP lemon sage soap

    We have a friend that love lemon sage soap. Any suggestions on which sage to use? Also what amount of each? We are fairly new to the soap making. So help is greatly appreciated.
  5. bridgetmoon

    Soap Batch - Bubbles?

    Hi. Just wanted to double check, i have noticed on my first few soaps I have got a few bubbles. just wondered if this is bad in any sort? :wave: see picture below
  6. JuliaGulia

    Adding Citrus Juice to CP Soap?

    Hello! :wave: I'm very new to all of this, I've actually never made CP soap before. My Mother and I have been meaning to try it for the longest time. For my first batch of soap I would really like to make a dupe of a Lush soap called Sexy Peel. I've only tried Lush once, and it was pretty over...